Artist Rossana Gotuzzo V. Artistic intervention at “El Remanso” Pucallpa - Peru...
Artist Rossana Gotuzzo V.
Artistic intervention at “El Remanso” Pucallpa – Peru
October 2019

“My skin is open, and the thread and the needle are waiting.”
“Mending” is my art project. It consists of observing, perceiving, paying attention to my surroundings to listen to what situations, fantasies, and dreams need an amendment to start new cycles or put them to an end.
Amending defines a space, exposing my personal need to reconstruct or strengthen a surviving instinct to fight against death. I want no end.
Through this self-discovery journey, a constant reminder emerges as a communal projection to realize that we all are alive, with accomplishments and endless transformations.
To me, mending is a means to put in evidence all variables we go through in life, making it more than just a mere act of fixing mistakes. It becomes the space, the time itself. Mending incarnates nature, serendipities, like invisible, self-conscious, human connections—all boiling at the same time.
My art project was born while intervening spaces and working from the vision of what the stereotypical feminine role should be. In my culture, a woman has to be aware of any faults, imperfections, broken pieces, so that she can fix any problems.
I use a fuchsia thread in my space interventions. The meaning of the color embraces the mixture of contrasting emotions while being happy. In short words, it is feminine. For me, a thread is a tool for basting roads that will end up sewing intricated maps. While doing so, invisible darnings create seamless unions, almost imperceptible, hidden, that at the end make the final piece a sturdier textile, that is alive.
Upcoming, in the city of Pucallpa, I will be doing a happening and space intervention through the act of mending. My goal is to ignite a profound reflection on the relation between humans and Nature. As we all are damaging our planet severely, I transform myself into a spider darning breaks between the eternal question of to be or to exist.


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