Artist Isabel Lozano Reátegui – Peru
Artist in residence June 2023 Centro selva arte y ciencia is glad to have been able to grant this year a scholarship to the Peruvian artist, Ucayalina, Isabel Lozano Reátegui. We are very excited to be able to follow the next steps on her path as an artist. The scholarship could be possible thanks to the support of the Peruvian Chapter of the National Museum of Women in the Arts, among other sponsors, thank you very much for your support. Isabel Lozano Reategui (Peru 1995) Visual artist from the city of Pucallpa, Peru, she studied at the “Eduardo Meza Saravia” [...]
Artist Evy Jokhov, residence 2022
It’s always inspiring for us to see the paths each artist takes and what happens in the following months or years after the experiences each artist has in the Ucayali region and to see in what ways the experiences of this time are reinterpreted and mixed with the knowledge, sensibilities, and needs of each artist through art. The discipline and creativity of the prolific artist Evy Jokhov, with her unique blend of experiences, are reflected in these images that are related to her stay the region and the exhibition THREE COLORS: GREEN at 3+1 Arte Contemporânea, Lisbon, Portugal. You can [...]
Individual Residence Michelina Risbeck
It is a pleasure to have Artist Michelina Risbeck participated in a two-month individual artist in residence with us at Centro Selva Arte y Ciencia 2021. This is her first-month update video, experiencing it all through all her senses. youtube.com/watch?v=79BtKSBW9w4 More information about Michelina’s art at: https://michelinaartist.myportfolio.com/
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Hello World
Below is a link to Hello World, an international project where artists throughout the world have submitted artworks to share with all of us. We hope you enjoy this gesture of goodwill and solidarity from our colleagues around the globe. http://transculturalexchange.org/activities/hw/overview.htm   Tito Bobbio Siwar Peralta Clara Esperanza Best Núñez City / country of origin: Lima / Peru Website Address: https://www.instagram.com/clara.best.nunez/ Diana Fiorella Riesco Lind  https://www.dianriesolind.com
Artist Rossana Gotuzzo V. Artistic intervention at “El Remanso” Pucallpa - Peru October 2019 "My skin is open, and the thread and the needle are waiting." "Mending" is my art project. It consists of observing, perceiving, paying attention to my surroundings to listen to what situations, fantasies, and dreams need an amendment to start new cycles or put them to an end. Amending defines a space, exposing my personal need to reconstruct or strengthen a surviving instinct to fight against death. I want no end. Through this self-discovery journey, a constant reminder emerges as a communal projection to realize that we all [...]
BIA – All I Have Are Dreams of You
Artist Claudia Nicholson.  Exhition: Terrestrial, Recognize Yourself Human Centro Selva Arte y Ciencia in the Bienal Internacional de Arte Amazónico, Pucallpa 2019. Gallery Yankon Metsashoko.  text by curator Toby Chapman Claudia Nicholson Toby Chapman Carriageworks I just wanna hold you close but so far all I have are dreams of you (1) On 31 March 1995 the Tejano (2) singer Selena Quintanilla was shot and killed at the Days Inn motel in Corpus Christi, Texas, by the president of her fan club. Within hours, fans of the pop star began to descend on the motel to lay offerings and leave messages. [...]
BIA-Terrestrial – Recognize Yourself as Human
International Biennial of Amazonian Art Pucallpa 2019 Curatorial Text Terrestrial – Recognize yourself as Human   The Cultural Association Centro Selva Arte y Ciencia since 2012 develops in the rural Amazon area of Ucayali, research assemblies between local and foreign artists that explore in a wide and personal way the different aspects of the Amazon, rural, urban, native, natural and there personal links with it through multidisciplinary artistic platforms. Born in the region or born further away, each artist arrives in this space with different interior baggage in personal searches that coincide in the same space for a certain period [...]