Brief description about Our Activities

Programmed Group Artist In Residencies:

July / August

Our international artist in residencies programs are 20 days in July/August where national and international artists apply and stay with us to learn about the region and its culture, create art, exhibit and talk about their art practice in Pucallpa and Lima.

Since 2012 Centro Selva has had artists from: the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Belgaum, Denmark, Slovakia, Sweden, Poland, Japan, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, China, Brazil,Turkey, Israel, Zambia, as well as Peru, among others

Average amount of People: 5 to 12

Cost: 1200 US dollars.

All costs covered by Artist

If you would like to sponsor a local or international artist with few resources to participate in this event please contact us at:


Casa Abierta de Centro Selva

Centro Selva Open House is a three-day seminar free of charge program that works on giving the senior art students and recently graduated art students for the Ucayali Region of Peru concert tools to thrive as artists outside of their academic context. For this purpose, we invite more experienced Peruvian artists to join us to present their art practice and how they live and thrive as artists. The event consists in public artist talks in Pucallpa city and then the students stay together with the artists at Centro Selva for two days of one on one art workshops and talks focusing on a topic related to execution, organization and / or promotion of artistic and cultural projects in a local, national and international level. The goal is to give new Amazon based artists grater possibilities to independently thrive in a many times unfavorable reality.

Average amount of Artists involved at a time : 16

Costs covers by Centro Selva : Free of cost for participants.

We are always looking for funding for this event. If you would like to sponsor this event please contact us at

I would Like to Sponsor this event contact us at :

Individually scheduled residences

Individual artist in residence apply year round.
Individual residencies are when an artist or a group of artists would like to schedule a residence for a specific amount of days at any other time of year.
How to submit an application: Complete the application form specifying in which months you or your group would be interested in staying.
Costs coverd by Artist.
It includes:
Talk about Shipibo Conibo art and Contemporary Amazonian art.
Library of related topics.
Accommodation, Bathroom, Bed, Kitchen
Lunches, Water
Mandatory farm clothing loan (rubber boots, rain poncho)
Access to over 400 hectares of prairies, old forest, reforested forest, fish farms, fruit trees, etc. Guided tour around farmland.

For costs and more information contact us at:

Centro Selva Friends and Family Amazon Cultural experience

Centro Selva also in now offering Amazon cultural experiences to families and groups. We are interested helping people to reconnect with themselves and others threw the experience of discovering their own connection to nature and Amazon culture context.

Duration: 3 to 4 days.

Basic activities:

– Natural inks and Shipibo Conibo workshop

– Nature walks

– Tree planting.

– Fishing

– Fruit picking and traditional cooking.

*Extra activities can be programmed with additional cost.

For  costs and more information about Centro Selva Friends and Family Amazon cultural experience contact us at:

Centro Selva Professional Scientific Practices:

Centro Selva’s main head quarters of activities is the active farm space of Margenes del Bosque. Magenes del Bosque is known for its good practices and is always seeking to keep improving and developing better and more efficient and sustainable ways of Amazon farming, this has made it attractive year round visits from Universities and other farmers.

If your carrier or you have studies in: Animal Science engineering, Veterinarian, forester engendering, Biology or related expertise and would be interested in doing study practices at the farm.