Artist Isabel Lozano Reátegui – Peru
Artist in residence June 2023 Centro selva arte y ciencia...

Artist in residence June 2023

Centro selva arte y ciencia is glad to have been able to grant this year a scholarship to the Peruvian artist, Ucayalina, Isabel Lozano Reátegui. We are very excited to be able to follow the next steps on her path as an artist. The scholarship could be possible thanks to the support of the Peruvian Chapter of the National Museum of Women in the Arts, among other sponsors, thank you very much for your support.

Isabel Lozano Reategui (Peru 1995)

Visual artist from the city of Pucallpa, Peru, she studied at the “Eduardo Meza Saravia” Higher School of Public Artistic Training.

In her work, he expresses nature, the essence of the invisible world, shamanism, and human nature. With a visionary, Amazonian style, her work has covered various supports and scales, two-dimensional pictorial and sculptural pieces, with intense colors and high contrasts. She has worked extensively from murals to body art, in addition to being an art assistant for motion pictures,

She has participated in regional, national and international exhibitions, such as in 2018 in the world international exhibition of visionary art held in Sedan – France. Isabela is currently part of the Cultura Colorada de Pucallpa movement.



Work developed during the residency and presented in the group exhibition Tierra para Habitar. Body painting, using earth, flowers, leaves, thread, glue, and acrylic paint.

“The work “natural beauty” represents the connection that exists between nature and the human being, that bond that surrounds us in our days and nights, which helps us to find ourselves, connect and to realize that natural beauty is found in the smallest details, like mud, which represents renewal, that as human beings are ever-changing, that in each path or in each step we take, we renew our ideas, our emotions and our senses with the whole, the flowers and butterflies that symbolize the beauty of every human being.

Isabel Lozano Reategu


Residence CENTRO SELVA ARTE Y CIENCIA 2023 – Pucallpa – Peru I had the opportunity to participate in this residency, which lasted 18 days, where I was able to connect with myself, nature and animals .. I could to meet excellent people that I did not think would come across in my life…. People with great knowledge and wonderful artists Les Egusquiza, Clot Aloi, and Amaranta Úrsula ❤️ I had the privilege of living with them and above all falling in love with the ARGENTINIAN MATE thanks Clo 😊, in which I was also able to meet Anabel, Elena, Clara, Patricia, Trini, Roxana and Isabel, who were the workshop leaders who imparted their knowledge to us. Thank Diana Riesco-Lind for this opportunity.. I HOPE THE UNIVERSE MEETS ME AGAIN WITH THESE GREAT ARTISTS.. Also thank Miriam Soria for her teaching.

Isabel Lozano Reategui

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