Founder and Beginnings of the Organization

The artist Diana Riesco-Lind is currently the president and founder of the Centro Selva Arte y Ciencia Cultural Association. The vice president of Centro Selva is Hilma Lind del Aguila, general manager of the company Márgenes del Bosque. With the support and advice of Dr. Manuel Mauricio Gonzales, the artist Karen Niemczyk, the artist Kike Riesco and the artist Liz Tania Díaz Vela Centro Selva began their activities in 2012.

Research and study have always been part of Diana’s artistic practice. She has a Master of Fine Arts with a specialization in digital media from a combined program from the Valand School of Art, the University of Gothenburg, and the IT University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Bachelor of Art with a specialization in painting from the Catholic University of Lima, Peru. Her undergraduate thesis was on a historical review of the Art of the Shipibo Konibo Community up to its influences on contemporary Amazonian art (She presents a talk on this subject in all residencies). After doing her master’s in digital media and seeing a variety of multidisciplinary artist residencies in Europe, she comes to Peru with the idea of ​​developing these concepts in the region where she was born. As research prior to the creation of the Selva Center, she moved to live in the Ucayali region and worked as a teacher at the Eduardo Meza Saravia National School of Artistic Training. This gave her a clearer idea of ​​ the needs of the artists and cultural activities in the region were, and also how to better propose the creation of Centro Selva Arte y Ciencia.

Diana’s artistic projects in general try to reconnect people with themselves and others through their personal connection with the earth, her intention is to unleash and create memorable moments around the things that unite us as human beings.

More about Diana Riesco Lind at: dianariescolind.com