Artist Evy Jokhov, residence 2022
It’s always inspiring for us to see the paths each...

It’s always inspiring for us to see the paths each artist takes and what happens in the following months or years after the experiences each artist has in the Ucayali region and to see in what ways the experiences of this time are reinterpreted and mixed with the knowledge, sensibilities, and needs of each artist through art.

The discipline and creativity of the prolific artist Evy Jokhov, with her unique blend of experiences, are reflected in these images that are related to her stay the region and the exhibition THREE COLORS: GREEN at 3+1 Arte Contemporânea, Lisbon, Portugal.

You can read more about Evy and this show at

Art inspired by weeks in the Ucayali region sharing knowledge with members of the Shipibo Konibo community and experimenting with local techniques.

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