"It's my first time in your country, in Peru; I...

“It’s my first time in your country, in Peru; I come from Argentina. I’ve been working with Earth for a while. In Argentina, I’ve been working with the soil from Misiones, which is in the northern part of our country. I was surprised to find that in color and tone, it is very similar to the soil here. I didn’t know what the place I was coming to in Peru was like overall. In the material I wanted to work with here, I found tones quite similar to what I had been working with. In Argentina, I am trying to paint with earth and create ceramics. I used to work with synthetic materials for landscapes from my travels because I enjoy backpacking and going on trips. However, it has been challenging in Argentina lately; I haven’t traveled in a couple of years. So, I decided to resume traveling because it’s tough now, but when I could, I used the savings to explore other countries, their customs, cultures, crafts, and art. I would return home, and from those experiences, I would sketch landscapes. What began to happen is that I started to question the material I was working with and the relationship between what I expressed in my discourse, perhaps in metaphor, in the poetry we choose in the language of art…”

“I set up what I am doing here, with what I am experiencing here, with the plants that I am hanging and drying for my mate. “

“What I arranged in this space is what I more or less need to be able to sit down and work, whether at home, here, or anywhere. I feel that since I like to move around a lot when I arrive at places, I like to make them my own and feel that they are my home. So, I travel with some things that make me feel at home. The Argentine mate is one of them, which is over there, some incense, something with an aroma that I like, something that calms me, my notebook as a logbook, some of my brushes, a pencil for drawing. So, that corner tells a little bit of that…”

Clot Alo

June 17th, 2023, explanation of the piece at the opening of the exhibition for the closure of the artist in residence of Centro Selva Arte y Ciencia titled “Earth to Inhabit” at the Blue House.

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