Lucia Slater “Forest Spirit”
"Forest Spirit" Painting is in itself a work that activates...

“Forest Spirit”

Painting is in itself a work that activates an apprehensible vision of a sensible object. It is to materialize a vision that is transformed into color on a new surface. Painting forces the painter to perfect his way of seeing the world shaped by color as a form in space.

In doing the painter, he does not usually look for the term “investigate”, because painting for painting or for art in general, also means investigating the clearing of color, analyzing, and modeling the forms. It is experiencing the appreciation of light until it takes on a life of its own in a new two-dimensional dwelling-space. Painting is turning a vision into painting; it is communicating a new pictorial truth: that of the painter.

“Forest Spirit” is the artistic result of an interdisciplinary investigation with forest sciences, the materialization of a particular vision of the Amazon forest. Artistic conclusion as a representation of the concept of the spirit of the Amazon forest and comprising a space illuminated by the light that bathes the fusion of a number of forms that configure the idea of “spirit” as “forest”.

There is no myth, there are no stories, there are no stories inherited from tradition, which despite their validity as a jungle heritage, for this research have been postponed, to make direct use of the forest’s own strength, which attracts and seduces to inhabit it until we are filled with his spirituality until he awakens our creativity.

So “forest spirit” is the deep blue that wakes my vision over and over again into painting. It is the fusion of all its parts such as the color of light, its shapes, contrasts, textures, harmonies, perspective, rhythms, all together until giving shape to a unit called: “forest spirit”.

“Forest Spirit” is an interdisciplinary project with forest and environmental sciences, to investigate the “idea” of the forest from both conferences. Science and Art complementing each other to get to represent the spirit of the forest that many have lived.

The project was financed by the Pontificia Universidad Católica of Peru (PUCP) and had the logistical and structural support of the National University of Ucayali (UNU). Its forest engineers and technicians in forest knowledge were the main guides in the recognition of the Macaya Forest.

From 2017 to 2019, a study of forest species was made, to select between 6 and 8 main species that were relevant to the artistic/scientific research project.

The methodology analyzed was initially photography, parallel to drawings, and color sampling.

In a second stage, photography will continue for the recorder of all theoretical and pictorial or artistic activities. More than 100 small format oil paintings were created as natural studies, between 80 to 100 drawings and prints (frottage) also of the forest.

A third stage was followed with oil paintings, photography, and the registration of videos was added to create a documentary by a film student from the Fluminense University of Rio de Janeiro.

Two articles have been published in national magazines.

“Forest Spirit” is exposed as the unity and fusion of a whole defined as forest. The final work that the representation is sustained in two large-format paintings (100 x 600 cm) and (200 x 400 cm), together with the paintings, includes a 22-minute documentary, videos of why study the forest. and photographs that also represent the rhythms and textures of the forest.

Beyond the representation of the natural, this project of dwelling in the deep color of the meaning of the forest, of its inhabitants, its sounds until it became a melody for all its visitors, including the visual artists who lived in the Bosque Macuya. Today totally destroyed by invaders and land traffickers.

The general conclusion of the project …

To date, this research has allowed the creation of two new artistic/scientific projects. The 1st to create a proposal of the importance of drawing in the creative process of an artist and 2nd is a more ambitious project to carry out reforestation with non-traditional methods, based on a proposal of the visual arts. The total work hopes to find a place for its final exhibition.

Natural studies




Example of one of the final paintings. Measurements : 100 x 600 cm.


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