BIA Tito Bobbio Velarde – Amazon Metaphysical Fractal
Work of Tito Bobbio Velarde Exhibition: Terrestrial, Recognize Yourself Human....

Work of Tito Bobbio Velarde

Exhibition: Terrestrial, Recognize Yourself Human.

Centro Sleva Arte y Ciencia at the International  Amazonian Art Biennial, Pucallpa 2019.

Yankon Metsashoko Gallery.

Amazon Metaphysical Fractal

Tito Bobbio Velarde

Based on the fractal geometry present in Kené Shipibo, I present the idea of ​​generating the same type of pattern demonstrated through a photographic intervention. This process is expansive in nature and takes place in a mirrored sense; starting from the first shot, duplicating this, and turning it in the opposite direction, repeating it at different scales.

The present shots are made through the details of the natural environment on my way through the walks that I could do at the Centro Selva Arte y Ciencia residence in Campo Verde, Pucallpa – Ucayali / July – August 2019. These approaches to present details in nature such as trunks, leaves, aquatic moss, water, dry leaf roofs, sky … These are the small elemental details that in their development through this fractal-visual process reveal these new and revealing images, which as if Kené Shipibo photographic, suggestive new design and symmetrical shapes in conjunction with an organic and natural essence present on the Amazon stage. In the metaphysical field, meaning starts by seeing what cannot be seen with a simple worldly eye, unaccustomed or incapable of being open to these representations in everyday life; that allows us to develop a greater vision and attention to our that is apparently hidden or unnoticed and that includes other dimensions of understanding or realism, which is deeply psychoactive and ecstatic.

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