Interviews – Artist Paolo Roca
Interview with the Artist Paolo Roca del Aguila Hi,...

Interview with the Artist Paolo Roca del Aguila

Hi, I’m Diana Fiorella Riesco Lind. I’m an artist and president of the cultural association Centro Selva Arte y Ciencia. Today we have a special guest, we have an interview with an artist who has been doing many interesting things in our Amazon called Paolo Roca.
Join us to learn more about his work.

Hi Paolo, tell us a little more about yourself, for those who do not know you, know a little more about your work and what you have been doing for years.
Good evening with all hello Diana. My name is Paolo Roca del Águila. Graduated from the Eduardo Meza Sarabia artistic training school in Pucallpa.
I am dedicated to artistic activity for now and also one hundred percent collective.
My work proposal is always to experiment with the materials that I have available. It can be on canvas, it can be in different formats with fairly regional themes. I speak about the myths and stories of the jungle in particular in our region.

On various formats and techniques. Currently, I am working a lot on mural painting.
Tell us how this has affected you
the context that we are living?
All the activity that is happening today on the subject of quarantine and COVID
Somehow it has harmed my work Not only miso but many artists and around the world.
But in particular because of the artists and in our country even more, because all artistic activities, festivals, events have been canceled. Collective participation. Before this happened I was dedicating my work in the central jungle with a friend, doing murals in some places and as a result of this, we had to return leaving our work half done. We were also in the process of starting projects for the Coronel Portillo municipality here in Pucallpa. Projects to moralize different areas such as some passages in the city center, also some parks and we were also trying our luck with Yarinacocha. Although we already did some collective projects there, we were still in that process.
So all this process of quarantine has stopped us, but I am sure that when all this happens we will resume the projects again, take again the projects and take up the work that was left unfinished.
But just as I also think that it will no longer be and we will still have some limitations, but it will be for a while again we will return to our cause as it is said but with some changes, we will have a little time but we will continue to give it.

Tell us about the Cultura Colorada collective of which you are a part and the first virtual exhibition that you have developed? The Collective was formed since last year as a result of the mural festival that was held with national, local and foreign artists. The artist’s potential is infinite. As we began to participate in a more continuous way in some samples, but all the people who participate in some contests that always take place in the districts and in the same city and root of all those who aim towards the same objective of valuing the artist and culture Which is, I think, something very important that we are managing within our movement. For each person, you can understand a little more about the work we do. So we have taken it to the point of working on the part of the murals in order to reach and cover people a little more And as a result of all this quarantine that we are living We had to leave the murals, leave the brushes, and dedicate ourselves and other opportunities. This is why red culture now since last week we are holding virtual exhibitions with different themes. The first theme was in relation to the artist and the quarantine and this next week we are launching a tribute to the mother again with the theme. So this whole situation of the exhibitions is going to continue, we are not going to put it aside and at the same time, we are sharing this with the other artists so that they can get together, join and continue to be active. Well for all of us we have been and it is still difficult that all cultural activities have closed So to see other ways, other possibilities that our art is not there. And that continues to produce to continue working, not seeing other proposals and in this way the Red Culture, the group is making its first exhibitions virtually, for now, through this platform, which is giving us many opportunities as well and not only to us but to other friends.

We are in a time of change in society, in the way we do things. All of us in this context is somehow reinventing ourselves. Would you have any suggestions for artists in the new reality that we have to live in? A suggestion for the other friends, the artists who, like us, are experiencing needs and also eager to generate new income. We are adjusting to these new changes, it is still costing us a little work, but it is also part of a change, part of a history that we now have to live. See what alternatives we have, what doors can be opened to us and one of them is this medium, which is the technology that at a moment we are seeing that we can reach another part of the world, something that we could not do before. The exhibitions and cultural festivals were always limited and even so many times the society itself did not participate, but thanks to the mural we are covering a little more and more still by this virtual medium that we are covering because many people are with this technology then I think it is a good way for artists to show society and the world and thus generate a work proposal Logically when all this happens we will continue in some way with our personal things with our own works But without leaving aside this technological aspect that is also opening doors for us. The red culture movement will continue to promote artists and also support them to continue doing these exhibitions. Engaging society, involving the authorities to participate and that they too can join the cause, they can join to rescue, the culture and values ​​that we have for art for the artist, to be able to rescue our artists to our society and thus carry a better message of culture and rescue our values.

That it is a very important situation that we must not neglect. Red Culture is found in the different virtual platforms such as Facebook where they can find us as a red culture movement, there our virtual works are also being exposed And also on Instagram where you can find us as a red culture There are the exhibitions that we are making and that we can make and the calls that artists who want to join and join are participating in due course. Where they can also find each artist with their different works Thank you very much Paolo for this interview. Many successes in future projects. Thank you very much, Diana, and thank you very much to all the artists and wait and have the faith that all this is going to happen and again we are going to move forward thanks see you soon Thank you very much Paolo for the interview, many successes in all your projects, and see you another time. Thank you for watching this program, this interview, and see you another time.

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