General Information

Centro Selva is happy to present the first artist residency program in the Central Peruvian Amazon.

This residency program seeks to create and encourage the exchange between local artists and foreign artists in search of mutual enrichment. Peru being still a very centralized country, Centro Selva looks to create decentralizes international contemporary art practices to rural Peruvian Amazon.

Centro Selva’s artist in residence programs bring together artists of different disciplines and countries, together with local artists to share knowledge, experience different worlds of the same region and develop individual and collective art projects influenced by this intimate and experiential experience.


Centro Selva Residency includes:

A city tour of Pucallpa, with special interest in the art spaces that the city offers, such as Eduardo Meza Saravia Art School, Pucallpa Cultural Center, Usco Ayar (art school funded by the renowned artist Pablo Amaringo), etc. As well as a tour of the Campo Verde district.

You will be able to visit a Shipibo-Conibo community, participate at a conference on Shipibo-Conibo art, by Diana Riesco-Lind author of the thesis: Shipibo – Conibo survivors, artistic development and influences of a living culture, from drawing to painting; you will be able to participate of a work shop on the same topic offered buy a member of this same community.

You will have access to 400 hectares of agricultural and livestock lands, reforested areas, lakes, local flora and fauna and receive a tour of these lands.

A local cook will prepare three meals a day, where you will be able to see the preparation of some local dishes which will be part of the menu.

In the residency, you will share spaces with fellow artists, and develop your personal or group projects.

We encourage you to share your knowledge with colleagues and propose a workshop while you are with us.

During your stay, you will participate in an artist talk in which you can share your previous art projects with the local art community . At the end of the residency, we will have an exhibition in the city of Pucallpa.